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Epi Info™ is a public domain suite of software tools designed for the global community of public health practitioners and researchers. The Companion for Android brings many of Epi Info's features onto the Android mobile platform. Epidemiologists can calculate sample sizes, collect data, and perform analysis using their smartphones or inexpensive tablets to investigate outbreaks, respond to emergencies, or conduct public health research in locations lacking IT infrastructure.

NEW - Quickly stand up a Microsoft Azure app service in the cloud and consume it using Epi Info™ Companion for Android to allow a team of epidemiologists to more efficiently collect data together. Data can be collected offline and synchronized with team members when Internet connectivity becomes available. If you are always connected, data shows up in the cloud instantly to allow for real-time data analysis and situational awareness. Details...


Works with Android tablets and phones

(version 4.0 or higher)



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About Epi Info

Epi Info™ is a trademark of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
The programs, documentation, and teaching materials are in the public domain and may be freely copied, distributed, and translated.

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