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Enabling Interview Mode (deprecated)

These instructions are deprecated in the current release of the app. Interview Mode is now enabled automatically for questionnaires designed using the "New Project from Data Dictionary" feature in Epi Info for Windows (see "Method B" here)


Step 1

Press the "Settings" menu item on the main screen

Step 2

Check the "Interview Mode" option

Interview Forms


The current version of the app contains a sample form called "Sample_InterviewMode". Try this form after enabling Interview Mode to experiment with its features. To explore how this form was designed, you may download its Project Template from here and load it in Epi Info for Windows. Pay attention to the check code in the "Page After" event, as it is key to achieving the skip functionality.

An Easier Way

We have developed an utility that will generate a skeleton interview form such as our sample from a simple Excel template that looks like the following:

This utility creates an Epi Info "interview mode" form template from an Excel file. The form template can be loaded directly onto an Android device and used with the Epi Info app to collect data. Alternatively, it can be imported into Epi Info for Windows for further customization or to add advanced form logic. The utility and a starter Excel template can be downloaded from here.


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